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No matter the country, time period, or people group, a trend has always existed in which history is taught through one perspective – typically the perspective of the dominant demographic. Our nation’s Black History Month (February), is an attempt at letting our country hear, read and discover our mutual history, and our contributions, as a minority, that have made America a great nation. I cannot imagine what kind of country America would be if not for its Black inventors, scientists, explorers, and writers. Furthermore, there have been several people of color who have shaped our understanding of our Christian faith, doctrine, and worship, such as Athanasius, Martin Luther King Jr., and St. Augustine of Hippo.

Four years ago, the Iowa State Marching Band was a dark place – very few band members would have identified themselves as followers of Christ. In August of 2012, a spunky redheaded freshman named Katie joined the saxophone section. Through time in the Scriptures and development opportunities with Navs, Katie’s heart began to break for her friends. As she prayed, a vision grew inside her to believe God for a generational movement of the Gospel in the marching band.