Top 10 Reasons to Join Eagle Lake Summer Staff 2016

Looking for something to do this summer? Check out these 10 reasons that prove applying to Eagle Lake will be the best choice you’ll make for Summer 2016!

Be sure to click the links to read real-life stories of counselors who were forever impacted by their summers at Eagle Lake!

1. “Professional attire” looks something like this:

2. Your “Office” views are incredible:

3. “Camp friends become your very best, lifelong friends (and often spouses - #eaglelationships).”

4. You get amazing real world prep that makes you appealing to future employers - all without having to live in the real world!

5. You get a once-in-a-lifetime outlet for your creativity and opportunity to develop your leadership skills.

6. You achieve hero-status in the eyes of many of your campers, all while secretly being humbled at how much they actually teach you.

7. You’ll learn to trust God in new and crazy ways as He provides opportunities for you to say YES to Him and love His people well in the good and the hard.

8. You’ll grow in true life-on-life discipleship as you’re both invested in by the leaders living alongside you and as you have the chance to share your life with your campers, meeting them where they’re at.

9. This job MATTERS: it gives you a unique open window to impact eternity. You’ll never again have an opportunity quite like this where children come to you eager to hear about Jesus and grow spiritually. YOU make the difference!

10. IT IS SO MUCH FUN. Like crazy, wild, contagious, ENTHUSIASM FOR DAAAAYYYYS fun. Like you will miss this for the rest of your life fun. Check out #ihearteaglelake to see for yourself! 


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