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So, what’s it like, life after college? It’s a little bit of everything: new schedules, new friends, new places, old likes, old challenges… and the same passion to walk with Christ, find community, find meaningful work and influence others for Christ. 

You’ve finished that last tough exam, packed your dorm room into your car (and also your parent’s car), and are driving down the highway towards home. With high hopes and months stretching endlessly ahead, you can’t wait to catch up on Netflix, re-connect with those high school buddies, and put the schoolbooks away for a while. 
But as you get closer to home, some nagging questions fill your mind. 
“How am I going to grow spiritually when I’m not at STP?” “What if my friends from home pull me back into that not-so-great lifestyle?” “Will God meet me here like he does at school?”