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The Navigators intentionally reach out to others for Christ. Often, for many of us, that does not happen naturally at first. Sometimes God uses a person to prod or encourage us to step out in faith. Or He convicts us to change a habit and take a risk. 

When Emily described her decision to follow Jesus last year, she said it was like being “ready to jump.” 

Allie says, “God used a spiritually deep and zestful young Navigator, Susan, to radically change my life. I went from drug and alcohol-saturated death into vibrant freedom and abundant life. Susan’s tireless pursuit of Christ and her tireless pursuit of me when I was a college student ultimately led me toward confronting my long-concealed fears of being known by God and others. Susan’s unyielding love helped transform my heart!”  

As a freshman at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), Joe thought he was a Christian. As The Navigators helped him see what the Bible says it means to be a Christian, Joe had more questions. He had already “tried God,” sort of, but it had not worked for him.
Joe tells his story: