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As a ministry of The Navigators, EDGE Corps is passionate about the Gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom and is burdened to see the Gospel transform the lives of university students.  As a result, EDGE Corps is a 1 or 2 year ministry opportunity to call out a new generation of Jesus-followers and to watch God change lives and advance His Kingdom on the college campus.

Joe, one of our staff, befriended Howdy four years ago and introduced him to Jesus. Joe recalls, “He asked many questions in Bible study and heard the gospel, but was never willing to submit his life to God because he was battling so many sins.” Howdy grew up in a challenging family environment and struggled with alcohol abuse. During college he began to really wrestle with sin and frequently gave into temptation.

Sitting between Josue, a math teacher from French-speaking Africa, Hengi-Hengi, from the far off Island of Tonga, and Trista, a student from Taiwan, I worshipped with tears in my eyes.

If you are like me, every spring you start receiving letters from friends and family who are embarking upon an exciting summer mission trip. Sometimes its hard to know what these trips are really accomplishing. I mean, come on, what can really be accomplished in a couple of months, let alone a few weeks?  Leading a team of students to Fukuoka Japan this summer opened my eyes to a whole plethora of ways God can use trips like this. Here are just 4 unique ways we saw God working:

The Navigators host a Summer Training Program (STP) in Fullerton, California for college students from Oregon, California and Arizona. Students sign up for the “Golden State Summer” STP to get training in some key elements of Christ-centered living. They’re then placed into teams of 3-4 under a team leader. This summer we have been doing a Bible study on the book of Galatians, debriefing on daily time spent in God’s Word, doing initiative evangelism every week, and so much more. I’m praying these practices will become habits that will help the students be strengthened in their faith for the long haul.