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Summertime. Doesn't that word sound magical? It exudes sunshine, warmth, and the promise of vacation. Many students in Nav ministries go to Summer Training Programs or on an overseas missions trip for most of their summer, providing them with plenty of opportunities for spiritual growth. But there are those of us who are off of school, at home for a couple months, but don't have a ministry trip in our plans—who still want to grow spiritually in the summer months.

"I really got to connect with guys deeply and it was just the reinvigorated vision I needed," my new friend, Ben, shared about his time at our conference. Ben is a first year pledge in an infamous campus fraternity. He came into school wanting to find brotherhood, to excel at school, and possibly find a girl – not far off from most college males.

Every once in a while, I find myself wondering if my prayers really make a difference. My logical mind knows that they do; Scripture makes that clear. But my heart can get discouraged and forget that God listens and responds faithfully to my prayers, whether or not it’s in the way I was hoping He would answer. 

“What are you doing after graduation?”

You might think that I have an answer to that question by now. After all, I am graduating from college in two weeks. While I have words to use as a response, the underlying answer is much more complex. I am graduating with two incredible opportunities provided by the Lord. I have a job and a man that will soon say “I do” to by my side. I am overjoyed and incredibly thankful for both of these things. However…

Greg was a typical student at the University of Illinois a couple years ago. His early college years were focused on going to as many bars and parties as he could, but his senior year, things changed. A good friend invited him to a Navigator Bible study. As a second semester senior, the idea of joining the group made Greg pretty hesitant at first, but he decided to try it out.