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Growing in one’s relationship with Christ takes time and effort, much like raising children. It’s a process. During this process, there are also a few “leaps of faith,” like at the University of South Florida. 

Passing on the Gospel and faith in Christ has always been a priority for The Navigators.  However, knowing how to do this is not always natural for many students. That’s why Navigator staff personally train students. It can make a huge difference, like it did with Shane. 

During college at North Dakota State University, God worked in amazing ways in Emily’s life. Things started off well for Emily, then went sour. This is Emily’s story: 

The Navigators long to help students not only know Christ, but also to help them help others find and follow Him. Students like Melissa. 

Allie says, “God used a spiritually deep and zestful young Navigator, Susan, to radically change my life. I went from drug and alcohol-saturated death into vibrant freedom and abundant life. Susan’s tireless pursuit of Christ and her tireless pursuit of me when I was a college student ultimately led me toward confronting my long-concealed fears of being known by God and others. Susan’s unyielding love helped transform my heart!”