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Navigator staff Craig Parker thought it would be fun to hand out Krispy Kreme donuts in the student union at Boston University (BU). This could prayerfully lead to some good conversations with students. And 1,200 donuts seemed like a good number. So early one morning, Craig bought 100 dozen donuts and then met Navigator staff Becca and Andrea on campus. They set up a table with orange juice, coffee and stacks of donuts.

It began as a dream. For years, Navigator staff Bryce Bouchard at the University of Arizona wanted to print up a huge amount of t-shirt with “Navs” on them to use as door openers for the Gospel. But how? Who would help finance it?

When fall semester began, Navigator staff Justin and Jonna Hester knew zero students at the University of Georgia (UGA). The Hesters prayed, “God would You lead us to a few students to help us launch a ministry here.”

"All these years I just assumed I was a Christian, but I've never really asked God to forgive me for my sins."

Many students at the University of Florida seem to have it all. Wealth. National sports championships. An average freshmen GPA of 3.98. The university has also been recognized as a “Public Ivy,” linking it to schools like Harvard and Princeton.