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Growing in one’s relationship with Christ takes time and effort, much like raising children. It’s a process. During this process, there are also a few “leaps of faith,” like at the University of South Florida. 

During college at North Dakota State University, God worked in amazing ways in Emily’s life. Things started off well for Emily, then went sour. This is Emily’s story: 

When fall semester began, Navigator staff Justin and Jonna Hester knew zero students at the University of Georgia (UGA). The Hesters prayed, “God would You lead us to a few students to help us launch a ministry here.”

As a freshman at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL), Joe thought he was a Christian. As The Navigators helped him see what the Bible says it means to be a Christian, Joe had more questions. He had already “tried God,” sort of, but it had not worked for him.
Joe tells his story: