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Ministries and Resources for Alumni

You may not be on campus anymore, but you can live out the Nav vision wherever you are. From connecting you with other Nav alumni in your area to mentoring and ministry opportunities, the Nav20s ministry is committed to helping you start your new chapter well! Visit the Nav20s website to find out more.

The transition from college to career can be hard and confusing, even lonely. NavConnect can help ease the growing pains. We'll connect you with other Nav grads living and working in your area. Add yourself to our map and become part of this growing Navigator network! 


Are you and a group of close friends looking for a way to make an impact in your city? Contact us about launching a CityLife team. We will help you grow in Christ together, pursue excellence at work, and exhibit the Gospel among those who do not know Jesus yet.

Do you live or work near a college campus? Would you like to help out the Navs ministry there? Disciple a student, lead a Bible study, manage the campus website, provide housing for a retreat...these are just a few ways community volunteers are helping Navs ministries around the country. No matter how insignificant the contribution seems, it goes a long way toward making a huge impact in the lives of students. View our campus map to see if Navs has a ministry on a campus near you.

Do you live or work near a campus that doesn't have a Navs ministry? Are you interested in starting something there? It can be as simple as organizing a Bible study with a few students, and NavFusion is here to help! NavFusion is a network of Navs campus ministries led primarily by volunteers. We connect you with experienced Nav staff who will resource, encourage, and equip you to start and lead a ministry on your local campus. Contact us for more information!

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