Career Opportunities

EDGE Corps is a 1 to 2 year opportunity for recent college grads, preparing them to become lifetime laborers for Christ either in full-time ministry or in the marketplace. Work alongside seasoned staff on campus. Receive valuable ministry training and experience. Be challenged in your walk with Jesus like never before.

iEDGE is a 2-year overseas opportunity designed for recent college grads who strongly sense God calling them into long-term missions. Work with long-term Navigator missionaries on an international college campus. Get cross-cultural ministry training and experience. Spend your time living among those who do not know Jesus, helping international believers walk with Christ, and building up local laborers for the Kingdom of God. You will learn to love, serve, hang out and share your life and faith in a new culture.

Do you strongly sense God calling you to full-time college ministry?  Navs would like to talk to you!  Call our National Collegiate Office (719.594.2315) and we’ll work with you to determine if there’s a good fit in one of our campus ministries.  If you are already in communication with a Nav staff person on campus, please apply at one of the links below:
-       Collegiate Nav Associate  - for volunteer applicants
-       Collegiate Mission Staff  - for short-term applicants (1 – 3 years)
-       Collegiate Staff in Training (SiT)  - for long-term applicants 
-       Field Staff Admin Assist – prior-approval applicants only

Do you live or work near a campus that doesn't have a Nav ministry? Are you interested in starting something there? It can be as simple as organizing a Bible study with a few students, and NavFusion is here to help! NavFusion is a network of Nav campus ministries led primarily by volunteers. We connect you with experienced Nav staff who will resource, encourage, and equip you to start and lead a ministry on your local campus. Contact us for more information!